arc gloria visiting santa marta

ARC Gloria Visiting Santa Marta August 2022

Santa Marta will receive the ARC Training Ship 'Gloria'

The barque ARC Gloria has three masts. She serves as a training ship and the Colombian Navy’s official flagship.

In 1966, the Colombian government authorized the purchase of a training ship for its navy. In October 1966, a contract was made with the Spanish shipyard Celaya of Bilbao, and work began in April 1967. The ship was commissioned on September 7, 1968, with the vessel parked at the Deusto Channel port. She is one of four comparable barques built for Latin American navies as sail training vessels; her half-sisters are the Mexican Cuauhtémoc, Venezuelan Simón Bolvar, and Ecuadoran Guayas.

Their design is comparable to that of the German firm Blohm & Voss’s 1930 designs, such as Gorch Fock, USCGC Eagle, and NRP Sagres.

The Colombian Navy’s flagship sailboat will arrive in Santa Marta renowned as “the pearl of America” for the 20th time.

ARC Gloria visits Magdalena Capital

The majestic ARC “Gloria” visited Magdalena’s capital for the last time in 2018, so its 155 crew members, including 72 students from the Naval Cadets School “Admiral Padilla,” are preparing to welcome Samarias and tourists, with whom they hope to share some of the history and maritime traditions, as well as some of the anecdotes lived during the cruise.

The Colombian Navy welcomes all Colombians and foreign tourists to see the beautiful “Gloria,” which is associated with country and international status.

arc gloria santa marta colombia

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