Beaches and rivers in Santa Marta will be closed for a new day of cleaning and oxygenation.

This Wednesday, June 1, the District’s beaches and rivers of tourism vocation will be closed to bathers in order to carry out an oxygenation, cleaning, and adaptation in preparation for the upcoming mid-year vacation season in the many spas situated around the city.

This limitation will apply to beaches such as El Rodadero, la Bahia, Los Cocos, Taganga, Bello Horizonte, Cabo Tortuga, Plenomar, Playa Blanca, and others in the city’s metropolitan area.

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Playa Blanca will be closed for two days, starting on Wednesday, June 1st, and ending on Thursday, June 2nd, as part of the steps necessary to apply for the beach’s Blue Flag accreditation.

These temporary closure measures are part of the District’s coordinated initiatives aimed at improving Santa Marta’s image and, as a result, the beauty of its beaches.

This policy will only be implemented in rural regions on Tuesday, June 7th, and will be repeated on the first Tuesdays of August, October, and December. While in the city, it will be repeated on the first Wednesday of August, October, and December, as decreed by Decree 217 dated October 1, 2021.

Before and during seasons of high demand by locals and visitors, these limits are agreed amongst the various tourism players to balance human activity, recompense the environment, and give it a respite.


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