Paseo en Yate Santa Marta

Full Day Catamaran Tour to Tayrona

Embark on a captivating full-day catamaran tour that invites you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the sea, sailing, and pristine beaches. This unique experience explores the wonders of the Tayrona National Natural Park, nestled at the foot of the majestic Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in the Caribbean region of Colombia. Located just 34 km away from Santa Marta’s urban center, this park stands as one of Colombia’s most significant natural reserves, boasting diverse ecosystems across varying thermal levels, ranging from sea level to heights of 900 meters.

Depart Santa Marta Bay

The adventure begins at 9:00 am, gathering at the International Marina of Santa Marta. By 9:30 am, the catamaran gracefully sets sail, embarking on a picturesque voyage. Departing from the Bay of Santa Marta, the journey takes you into the charming Bay of Taganga, where the authentic local lifestyle harmoniously blends with tourism. Continuing through the mesmerizing waters, the catamaran enters the awe-inspiring Tayrona Park, passing by the Bay of Granate, offering glimpses into the intricate work of artisanal fishing and the bustling diving schools.

Sail to Bahia Concha

The route carries you past Isla Aguja and Playa Brava, eventually arriving at the idyllic destination, Bahía Concha. Here, you can engage in various activities such as swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, or simply basking in the serene ambiance of the beach. Indulge in a delectable lunch featuring the catch of the day, expertly prepared with the freshest fish available (vegetarian options are also provided), allowing you to savor the flavors amidst the natural splendor surrounding you.

Watch The Sunset in Santa Marta

At 3:30 pm, the return journey to the Marina commences, utilizing the power of the wind to sail back. The sailboat gracefully glides through the azure waters, providing a serene and relaxing experience. As the golden hour approaches, immerse yourself in the mesmerizing views of the sunset, accompanied by enchanting local melodies, creating the perfect atmosphere to celebrate your visit to this enchanting paradise. The Marina is anticipated to be reached around 5:00 pm, bidding farewell to a truly remarkable day filled with unforgettable memories.

Reviews of the Catamaran Santa Marta Tour

A Wonderful Experience on the Trip to Bahia Concha

I had an absolutely wonderful day out on the water. The catamaran exceeded my expectations, providing a truly excellent experience. The entire crew was exceptional, ensuring our comfort and enjoyment throughout the trip. The beach we visited was nothing short of excellent, boasting stunning views and a serene atmosphere. I appreciated the wide selection of drinks available for purchase, and the quality of the lunch surpassed my expectations. It was also a pleasant surprise to discover that local vendors on the beach offered additional drink options and even relaxing massages. The availability of paddle boards and snorkeling equipment added an extra layer of excitement to the day. Without hesitation, I highly recommend this trip and commend the crew for their outstanding service.

The Catamaran Tour and Crew were Incredible

I can’t emphasize enough how amazing this tour was! From start to finish, the experience was top-notch. The crew members were incredibly friendly, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Their superb customer service truly made a difference. Additionally, the tour was conveniently accessible from the marina, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience for all. I absolutely loved every aspect of it and without a doubt, I highly recommend this tour to anyone seeking an unforgettable adventure on the water.

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