Funwater 11ft Paddle Board SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

Puedes consultar su precio aquí: FunWater iSUP package.

The Funwater inflatable stand-up paddle board (SUP) was developed for better balance. This SUP board is 32 inches wide and 11 feet long, making it simple to balance and stable on top of. Drop Stitch and reinforced engineered PVC are included for construction.

Puedes consultar su precio aquí: FunWater iSUP package.

A smooth, secure, and non-slip top deck is great for beginners. With the addition of a nonslip Soft top, this inflatable paddle board has been upgraded and will cushion your fall in case of slips or accidents.

It has triple fins, steering, and handling. Thanks to the superb surf control of the stand-up inflatable paddle boards, you’ll be gliding and skimming the water. Complete with all essential paddleboard accessories, this paddleboard set, you’ll be prepared to surf the waves. Upgraded aluminum paddle, patch repair accessories kit, coiled ankle leash.

Inflatable stand-up paddleboards (SUP) were developed for better balance. This SUP board is 32 inches broad and 11 feet long, making it simple to balance and stable on top of. Drop Stitch and strengthened designed PVC are included. Due to its perfect portability, those with a sense of adventure adore this SUP inflatable paddle board. If you wish to go exploring, keep it in your car or bring it along when you go surfing. With this paddleboard set, which comes with all the necessary paddleboard gear, you’ll be ready to catch waves. Aluminum paddle upgrade, patch repair tool set, and coiled ankle leash.

funwater paddleboard

The Paddle Board Package

  • 11’1″ long 32″ wide 6″ thick inflatable stand-up paddle board x 1
  • Adjustable aluminum paddle x 1
  • Fin x 3 (main fin*1/side fin*2)
  • High Hand pressure pump x 1
  • Travel backpack x 1
  • Elastic Paddle Board leash x 1
  • Waterproof phone case
  • Instruction manual x 1


  • Brand: Funwater
  • Color: Orange
  • Material: multi-layer PVC
  • Safety: EVA anti-slip
  • Auxiliary: Handle  / D-rings



      • Funwater provides a 30-day no-hassle return service, a 60-day warranty for paddles, and a 1-year warranty for accessories.

Funwater PaddleBoard Reviews

If you decide you don’t enjoy the sport, suggest it to anyone who wants to give it a try without spending a lot of money right away. For the price, the manoeuvrability and stability are excellent. This is a fantastic deal that isn’t constructed so shoddily that you can’t have fun with it.

Manual pump for inflation features a single and a dual setting. Up to 8psi of manual inflation is simple. 8-13psi is challenging. I manage to do it by taking my time and taking little breaks. I advise using an electric pump or inflating at home if you have the means. I appreciate how it can be packed up much more compactly by using the “deflate” option.

Surprisingly strong stability! I’m 150 pounds, so I can’t advise paddlers who are heavier. Compared to that, this gave me greater confidence.

Jim, Manchester

This is our second paddle board, and it is similar to the first one in that it is simple to inflate, strong, has a detachable fin, is portable, and has an adjustable paddle. The only difference between this one and the others, in my opinion, is that it is a bit narrower and skinnier than other paddle boards. Not much, perhaps a few inches. You won’t notice if you are accustomed with paddle boards. However, if you are a beginner, it might not be sufficient to keep you as stable as a broader board would.

Francis, Ohio

Puedes consultar su precio aquí: FunWater iSUP package.

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