sailing to tayrona with luis

Sailing to Tayrona with Luis and his team – Santa Marta

Unforgettable Santa Marta Sailing Adventure – Dive into Tayrona by Sea!

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Sailing to Tayrona with Luis transforming your Santa Marta experience into a breathtaking coastal adventure. Join our expedition with 11 fellow explorers and two expert guides as we unveil the wonders of three distinct beaches within Parque Tayrona. Our immersive exploration ensures quality time at each location, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Sailing to Tayrona with Luis & Knowledgable Guides

Our group, led by the exceptional guide Sebastian, fluent in both Spanish and English, adds a delightful touch to the entire experience. Sebastian’s expertise not only makes him helpful and attentive but also injects a dose of fun into the journey, elevating your adventure to new heights.

Mesmerizing Snorkeling Escapade: Dive into the Underwater Wonderland

The highlight of our expedition is an enchanting snorkeling escapade, where you’ll immerse yourself in the vibrant underwater world. Discover a kaleidoscope of colorful fish and intricate coral reefs beneath the crystal-clear, warm waters, painting a beautiful canvas of nature’s wonders. For those preferring the sand beneath their feet, half of our group enjoys a leisurely beach day, basking in the sun.

Culinary Delight 

Indulge in a delectable lunch at a local beachfront restaurant, featuring fish, rice, and plantains—a true culinary delight. Enhance your experience by opting for refreshing beers, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your coastal journey.

Ultimate Relaxation Amidst Coastal Beauty: Beach Chairs and Cabana Haven

For those seeking ultimate relaxation, Tayrona by Sea offers customizable experiences. Choose to rent beach chairs and a cabana, creating a haven of comfort amidst the coastal beauty—a cherry on top of your Santa Marta adventure.

Personalized Full-Day Escapade: A Must-Try in Santa Marta

Whether you crave adventure beneath the waves or prefer the tranquility of sandy shores, Tayrona by Sea offers a customizable experience tailored to your preferences. If you find yourself in Santa Marta for a vacation, don’t miss out on this full-day escapade—it’s a definite recommendation for an unparalleled coastal adventure!

sailing to tayrona with luis
Had an absolute blast on this excursion! The crew was fantastic, providing top-notch service, and the food was simply amazing. We departed and returned punctually, ensuring a seamless experience. The attentive crew made the entire journey enjoyable, and the beach stop for swimming and a delicious meal was a highlight. I highly recommend this excursion for an all-around excellent adventure.
December 2023.
A definite must-do! I had an amazing experience in November 2023. It was absolutely worth every penny. The guides were wonderful, and the food was exceptional. The destination was truly incredible. I sailed with my 77-year-old mother, and the journey was remarkably comfortable for her. The guides were incredibly helpful in assisting her in and out of the sailboat. Highly recommended!
November 2023

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