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Free Walking Tour Santa Marta

The Magdalena Department of Colombia is home to the lovely seaside city of Santa Marta. It is a well-liked vacation spot renowned for its magnificent beaches, lively culture, and closeness to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range. I don’t know anything about specific tour companies or itineraries, but

In Santa Marta, a free walking tour is often given by a knowledgeable local who is familiar with the history, culture, and major attractions of the city. The trip would often begin at a predetermined meeting place, such as the main plaza or a well-known site. From there, you may go on a walking tour of the city to see its undiscovered delights.

Learn About the History of Santa Marta

Your guide would present intriguing information about Santa Marta, such as its colonial past, indigenous heritage, and significance in Colombian history, throughout the walking tour. You could go to significant sites like the Casa de la Aduana, a historic structure that currently functions as a cultural center, or the Cathedral of Santa Marta, one of the oldest cathedrals in South America.

The journey may also take you to the bustling Mercado Publico in Santa Marta. You may enjoy the colorful environment, browse the stalls selling local crafts and fresh products, and sample the flavors of Colombian street cuisine here.

Depending on how long the tour lasts, you could also have a chance to see Santa Marta’s stunning beaches. A popular destination with golden sands and clean seas is Playa de Rodadero, which is close to the city center. While giving you time to take in the seaside landscape, your guide could share information about the beach’s significance and history.

Even though the trip is free, guides frequently depend on gratuities to cover their expenses. At the conclusion of the trip, it’s usual to give your guide a gratuity to thank them for their time and knowledge.

It is advised to consult with regional tourist information offices, research travel websites, or enquire with local lodgings for specific details regarding free walking tours in Santa Marta.

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