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iROCKER Nautical Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Versatile SUP for All Skill Levels, Lightweight & Durable Design, Complete Package with Adjustable Paddle, Pump, Leash, Fins & Premium Carry Bag

You can see the price here: Irocker Isup Package

Introducing the NAUTICAL Paddle Board: A lightweight and budget-friendly board designed for those seeking a versatile and enjoyable experience. With above-average maneuverability, average stability, and impressive speed, this board caters to various activities such as lake paddling, SUP yoga, cruising with pets or children, and more!

The NAUTICAL features an adjustable travel paddle, made of ultralight 3-piece fiberglass. Floating effortlessly and weighing only 32oz, the paddle can be adjusted from 72” to 86” to accommodate personal preferences. When disassembled, it breaks down to a compact 35″ for easy transport. The paddle also maintains buoyancy through foam inserts in each piece.

Enhance your NAUTICAL experience with the premium bag, offering an optional wheel attachment (not included). By adding this accessory, the Nautical Backpack transforms into a wheeled carrying bag, simplifying transportation. The new Nautical backpack wheels seamlessly slide into the bag’s base, ensuring convenient mobility.

The NAUTICAL comes with a dual-action pump, designed for efficient inflation. The 24” pump features a single chamber, allowing for swift inflation of the board. Equipped with an integrated pressure gauge, you can stay informed throughout the inflation process. In approximately 7-10 minutes, the board can be fully inflated and ready for action. For a more convenient inflation option, consider our optional Electric pump.

Rest assured with the NAUTICAL, as your purchase is protected by a 2-year warranty. Crafted from high-quality materials, our inflatable paddle boards are built to last. The warranty covers any issues beyond normal wear and tear, guaranteeing your satisfaction. With our dedicated customer service, expect top-notch support. Choose NAUTICAL by iROCKER for worry-free paddle boarding, free from subpar products or inferior materials.


iROCKER Nautical Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board – Lightweight and Versatile SUP for River Adventures and Beyond

iROCKER Nautical Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Reviews

  • Exploring the iROCKER Nautical SUP: A River-Friendly Choice for Kayaking and Canoeing Enthusiasts

Impressive Features and Considerations

  • Shape, Weight, and Detachable Fins: Optimal Design for River Navigation
  • D-Rings for Kayak Seat: Enhanced Comfort and Versatility
  • Highly Recommended Budget SUP: Recognized Brand and Outstanding Reviews

River Adventure Experience

  • Testing the iROCKER Nautical on a New River Stretch
  • Tracking Performance: Sitting with Kayak Seat vs. Stand-Up Paddling
  • Detachable Fins: A Lifesaver for Portaging and Shallow Water Maneuvers
  • Convenient Carry Handles: Easy Transportation in Challenging Conditions
  • Weight Capacity and Shared Use: Accommodating Multiple Riders with Ease
  • Durability Assessment: Withstanding Scrapes, Drags, and Mud

Impressive Manoeuvrability and Versatility

  • Remarkable Tracking Without Fins: Standout Performance in Tight Spots
  • Ankle Leash Utility: Tethering for Assisting Others with Boats
  • Practical Storage Area: Versatile Use for Paddles and Additional Gear
  • Efficient Pump: Easy Inflation Process with Important Pressure Guidelines

Considerations and Future Adventures

  • Paddle Compatibility: Limited Options for Kayak Conversion
  • Overall Performance: Exciting Prospects for Lake Explorations


  • iROCKER Nautical SUP: A Reliable and Agile Companion for River Adventures and Beyond

iROCKER Nautical Paddle Boards: Unmatched Quality and Exceptional Customer Service

Review: After multiple purchases of iROCKER Nautical boards for ourselves and our friends, we have developed a deep love for these paddle boards. The outstanding quality and service provided by iROCKER truly impressed us. One of our boards encountered a seam issue after extensive use this summer, but thanks to their warranty, iROCKER promptly sent us a replacement board. Although there wasn’t much communication with the company, their customer service representative, India, was incredibly helpful in processing our claim. Within just 9 days of submitting the claim, we received our brand-new board, which even turned out to be an upgrade to their new Ultra series!

To provide some context, we primarily use these boards on rivers and lakes, and they have performed flawlessly in those environments. The removable fins are a game-changer, as they can be easily replaced if damaged beyond repair. Additionally, iROCKER offers a river fin option for improved clearance in shallow water, which can be purchased on their website. Another notable aspect is the board’s bag. Unlike many other paddle boards available on Amazon that come with flimsy bags, the iROCKER Nautical paddle board comes with a fairly robust zipper that should hold up well. However, some of the cinch straps on the bag are poorly sewn, which could be improved.

Let’s not forget about the practical features. The bungee cords on both ends of the board have proven to be extremely useful, providing convenient storage options. The abundance of d-rings is just perfect for attaching various accessories. Moreover, there is even a 1/4″ screw point that allows for the attachment of a cup holder or other accessories (check the iROCKER website for options). In fact, we are considering adding a dive flag in that spot.

The iROCKER Nautical paddle boards have surpassed our expectations in terms of quality, durability, and performance. Their exceptional customer service and commitment to standing behind their products make them a top choice for paddle board enthusiasts. Whether you’re exploring rivers, lakes, or even planning an ocean adventure, iROCKER Nautical boards are sure to enhance your experience on the water.

You can see the price here: Irocker Isup Package


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