Atoll 11ft Paddleboard SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review


The Atoll 11ft Paddleboard SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is extremely light twin layer PVC construction utilized on this inflatable paddle board – 40% lighter than comparable models while generating an extra ridged board. The inflatable stand up paddle board includes:

The Paddle

ISUP also includes a 3rd Generation Black aluminium alloy adjustable lightweight (2 lb 2 oz) 3 piece paddle with nylon blade.

Bungee Strapping

Comes with bungee strapping on the front of the board to secure your belongings

The Fins

The fixed tri fin design allows for easier and more effective tracking, as well as no lost side fins. Detachable, extra-durable detachable fin compatible with all universal/US fin boxes, NO lost screws, no tools required, and compatible with almost all aftermarket fins.

The Backpack

Sleek new heavy-duty nylon backpack carry bag (big enough to contain pump, paddle, and paddle board) with mesh sides keeps ISUP dry when stowed.

Hand Pump

Hand pump with dual action and high pressure Bravo (inflates when pushing down AND pulling up) Hand pump of the third generation (up to 15psi)

The Ankle Leash


The Paddle Board

The ideal all-around paddle board is, 32 inches broad, and 11 feet long. ISUP board has been tested and quality verified. Fully wrapped in a second layer of PVC material on the top and bottom: this results in a hard, solid, and durable board, now with 15 D-rings. It easily supported ISUP riders weighing 400 lbs (see image) and has been water tested at over 700 lbs.

What’s Included?

  • ‎SUP Board
  • Paddle
  • Hand Pump
  • Ankle Leash
  • Backpack
  • Fins

What Are Saying People About the Atoll 11ft Paddleboard SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board


Atoll 11ft Paddleboard Reviews


Claire – New York

I’m in love with my new Atoll SUP! I wanted an inflatable so that I could travel with the board. As a 60-year-old lady, I felt certain that I could handle the issue on my own. I hauled it down the road to Torch Lake the first time, watched a setup video, inflated it, and was on the lake in 15 minutes. The most difficult thing, I suppose, is getting the Atoll bag, full, over my shoulders. Instead of attempting to backpack it, I sometimes simply grasp it and embrace it. The inflation is proving difficult, but I’m only 8 minutes away from reaching complete inflation. The board is very light and easy to get to the water. It appears to be getting easier with each passing day.

Natasha from UK

My husband gave me this ATOL SUP as a birthday present, and I just like it. It was simple to transport and of high quality. I was astonished at how strong it was after inflating it, as well as how light it was. It was ideal for me to cope with on my own. He is quite satisfied with his investment and looks forward to utilizing it for many years!

Jon from San Diego

This  ATOL inflatable paddle board is incredible! I like how simple it is to set up and how portable it is. On its first run, I rode it on the water in the Gulf of Mexico. Because of the wind and waves, I might try another fin for tough or choppy water next time. I tore it down the next day and moved to a bay, where I had much better luck keeping on the board. It was simple to paddle and navigate. The board was well-made and durable. I wholeheartedly endorse!!

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