Inflatable Stand-up Paddleboard Review from ROC, Which Comes with Premium Quality SUP Paddleboard Accessories

Customer Review of the ROC Paddleboard

I have been wanting to purchase a stand-up paddleboard for the past few summers but did not have a roof rack or enough storage space for a hard board. Finally, I decided to get an inflatable SUP and after researching on Amazon, I ordered the ROC inflatable SUP which was highly recommended. I have used it twice already and am extremely satisfied with my purchase. Despite having only paddled on hard boards before, I found the experience on the inflatable SUP to be equally enjoyable and comparable.

Initially, I was worried that the board might not be stable enough, but I was pleasantly surprised by its stability and the perfect width. In fact, during my recent outing, I was caught in a sudden rainstorm, and the board remained sturdy and kept me upright despite the strong winds and rain. I’m excited about all the adventures I can have this summer on this board! If you are on the fence about getting an inflatable SUP, I highly recommend trying out a ROC board. It comes with all the essential accessories, including a large backpack to carry all your gear, and I suggest ordering an auto-pump to make the pumping process less strenuous on the arms.

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