Lamfaye YRT A-4000 Spinning Fishing Reel,5.0:1 High Speed Ultra Smooth Spinning Reel,8+1BB,Full Metal Body, Max Drag 44LB for Saltwater or Freshwater

To help you better handle your spinning scroll and support left and right switch, this fishing reel boasts an all-metal body and a folding rocker arm that is both strong and light. The fishing reel has a polished, corrosion-resistant surface. The fishing reel has a pleasant grip, which allows it to fit most people’s hands comfortably and efficiently regardless of angle or strength.

Lamfaye 4000 Fishing Reel

The Lamfaye spinning reels, which are light to 13 ounces thanks to the honeycomb design of the line cup matrix arrangement design body and the lightweight reel gears, let you have the best fishing adventures. The spinning reel’s weight is reduced and given a stylistic boost by hollow-designed frames without losing strength or durability.

The wonderful smooth bearing structure, which consists of 9 high-quality ball bearings paired with precise gear engagement, completely resolves the issue of the fish line wheel slapping its head after excessive use of the transmission structure. It also ensures the stability and smooth operation of the transmission system.

The fishing reel features a powerful stopping force and a wool brake gasket, which means that it will not expand even after absorbing water. The tremendous drag force of Lamfaye fishing reels is up to 44 lbs. This spin reel has several amazing features, like a strengthened metal main shaft, premium drive gear, carefully machined brass pinion gear, and triple-drag washers that let you effortlessly take on monsters.

YRT A-G4000 Spinning Fishing Reel

  • The primary body of the die-casting is made of metal, which has been honed, polished, and electroplated for superior anti-corrosion performance.
  • The brake uses a wool-woven fabric that is not abraded nor distorted, and it has a powerful and consistent braking force.
  • To stop the winding from slipping and spinning, the reel’s winding neck uses a unique technique.
    A folding rocker arm with an EVA hand button that can be switched between the left and right offers a nice hand sensation.
  • The fishing reel operates more reliably and smoothly overall thanks to nine high-performance metal bearings.



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