Mach 7 Bodyboard with Crescent Tail

Mach 7 Bodyboard with Crescent Tail.  A specific type of polyethylene deck skin known as TC8 DECK that can withstand powerful waves and provides exceptional endurance. You can surf the large, strong waves with no worries thanks to this deck.

A quality, incredibly light-weight, and incredibly sturdy polypropylene core is located inside the board.

Every professional bodyboarder uses Morey’s X-Flex Polypro as their go-to board. It is stiffer than NRG+ and best suited for moderate to warm seas. It is also 100% hydrophobic, meaning your board is less likely to absorb water if damaged. Faster and stiffer, it can be challenging for novices to manage.

Ethylene resins and other copolymers are combined to create HDPE SLICK, which resembles rubber. Surlyn, in contrast to rigid polymers, has incredible flexural stiffness that enables a board to adapt to the shape of the wave when pressure is exerted by the rider.

A tail type that was created for all swell sizes is the CRESCENT TAIL. Particularly in barreling, close-out, or shore break circumstances, the crescent tail boosts the bodyboard’s fluidity and reduces contact with the wave face.



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