Serenelife Digital Electric Air Pump Compressor Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

This Serenelife Digital electric air pump compressor/air inflator operates using an easy “insert and pump” method. Rapid and simple SUP inflation (stand up paddleboard).

Plug in system design consists of a lightweight power cord that is incorporated into a straightforward electric plug-in design. DC 12 volts or a car power outlet with a cigarette accessory connector can be used to power this device.

The 110-watt air pump has button controls and a digital LCD display for hassle-free operation. Ideal for inflatable SUPs, boats, pools, and other outdoor activities as well as water sports and camping trips.

SereneLife Air Pump Compressor also has 0-16 PSI (up to 1.10 bar) adjustable PSI air pressure settings with selectable pressure units to PSI / Bar, allowing you to tune the pressure to your desired level to avoid over inflation. Space-saving vehicle trunk storage is made possible by the easy assembly and disassembly of this small, portable air compressor. It also features a handy carry handle for portability.

Electric Pump for Stand Up Paddle Board Review

This pump works well with water toys (paddle boards, kayaks, floaties, etc). Although it may not operate more quickly than a manual pump, you won’t have to use as much arm strength to pump as you would with a manual pump.

It’s important to note that some reviews claimed the item didn’t inflate and the screen just displayed zero. The pressure metre displays zero while inflating a SUP, for instance, until the pump detects a reading, which for me was always between 4.0 and 4.3 psi. It takes some time for the pump to read the large object. For SUP, I set the pump to 15 pressure, and it took around 9 minutes to fill before shutting off on its own.

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