SUP Leash 10′ Coiled Stand Up Paddle Board Surfboard Leash

MORE SAFE and STRONG: This leash is composed of 7mm Super Strong Urethane Cord, which is light and flexible enough for flatwater paddling yet strong enough to hold the longest and heaviest boards. Triple wrap rail savers and new, molded-in double Stainless Steel swivels are available.

MORE CONVENIENT AND SIMPLE TO USE: You won’t even notice you’re wearing it because to the soft sponge and TPU elastic polyurethane material. The extremely comfortable double-over ankle cuff includes a draw tab that is simple to use and conceals a key pocket. It is simple to connect to your board and guards against dents or damage to the rail.

MORE DURABLE: The connection hardware is composed of strong stainless steel, which can withstand corrosion from sea water for a very long period, reducing the frequency with which you need to replace the surf leash.

Bringing a water-resistant wallet for supplies created specifically to address the issue of your keys, wallet, and phone when you reach the water. The Waterproof Wallet features an IXP8 sealable waterproof case, an easy adjustable waist belt (that doubles as a shoulder strap), and an adjustable lanyard, allowing you to wear it around your waist, shoulders, or neck.



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