Travel Friendly Carbon SUP Paddles, 3-Piece Adjustable 67″ – 86″ Carbon

Fiberglass and polyethylene construction that is UV-stable results in a blade that is both reasonable and inexpensive. The 91 square inch double concave blade reduces paddle flutter while enhancing power and stability during the stroke. It floats in all types of seas and weights around 30 oz (850g). It is ideal for paddlers at all skill levels.

SHAFT MADE OF CARBON COMPOSITE: The carbon composite shaft helps make the paddle as a whole lighter. In order to retain greater performance and prevent the shaft from breaking under extremely powerful strokes, it must be rigid yet also flexible. The PP handle grip’s ergonomic design improves hand comfort and grip.

Adjustable from 67″ to 86″ and is simple to build (170cm to 218cm). It is appropriate for paddlers above 5 feet tall. Paddle length is recommended to be paddler height + 6 to 8 inches. Before using, it is important to inspect and tighten the clamps’ screws as necessary.

LUXURY PADDLE BAG: Each paddle includes a complimentary travel bag that measures 36″ by 11″. This bag offers the best safety and ease when traveling thanks to its excellent handle, shoulder strap, and inside blade flap.


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