WOWSEA Poseidon P3 Paddleboard 11ft Inflatable SUP Paddle Board Review


WOWSEA Poseidon P3 Paddleboard 11ft Inflatable SUP Paddle Board is one of the most durable inflatable SUPs on the market, with a new design and style that encourages users to paddle for longer periods of time. The WOWSEA Poseidon P3 SUP is great for paddlers seeking for a portable inflatable stand up paddleboard that delivers exceptional stability for them and their guests. The 6″ wide military-grade PVC of the twin side rails provides more stability to keep you stable on the water. The WOWSEA Poseidon P3 paddle board has an entry rocker hull that is designed to reduce running resistance and shed water.

Bungee Strapping

This SUP includes front bungees for keeping possessions and a fantastic spot to store the 10 litre waterproof bag that comes included with the board.

The Fins

There are two side bite fins and a removable middle fin. The removable 10″ centre fin increases paddling tracking and stability, and it features a tethered connection pin for convenient storage and transfer at any time or location. For enhanced water stability and tracking, the side fins are moulded to the hull.

The Backpack

The WOWSEA paddleboard backpack is a durable SUP backpack that allows you to move your WOWSEA stand up paddleboard wherever you desire. It accommodates all equipment and one SUP board, and it also acts as a cargo holder in the sup board’s storage compartment, thanks to handy outside pockets and durable zipper webbing.

Double Action Hand Pump

Dual Action Hand Pump Inflate the stand-up paddle board by inserting the end of the hose into the inflate ports and pumping up to 15 PSI or more. When the pressure is less than 7 PSI, the gauge dial does not move. Single and double action, an extra gauge, an ergonomic grip, and it fits easily.

The Ankle Leash

The Coiled Ankle Leash with Key Pocket is made of high-quality materials for strength and longevity. The leash, which may extend 5X its length, may absorb the impact waves. The Velcro rail-saver end secures the D-ring of the inflatable stand up paddle board, keeping you safe at all times.

WOWSEA Poseidon P3 Paddle Board

The EVA Foam Deck Pad are heat sealed to shed water and give ample cushion to decrease foot strain and anti-slip traction.

What’s Included?

  • ‎Inflatable Paddleboard
  • 3 Piece Paddle
  • Hand Pump
  • Ankle Leash
  • Backpack
  • Fins
  • Waterproof Bag
  • Repair Kit

What Are Saying People About the WOWSEA Poseidon P3 Paddle Board?


WOWSEA Poseidon P3 Paddleboard Reviews

Mitch – Los Angeles

Overall, I felt these were excellent boards. They are quite tough. We had to be quite cautious with the hard board, which appeared to be readily destroyed. The boards were less sturdy and thinner than the hard board. However, I feel it would be more than stable in flat situations. Even in rougher water, it functioned admirably. Everyone was in the water, whether on hard or inflatable boards, but I was able to remain up longer on the hard board. Another advantage is that if you slip on the board, it is not a huge issue.

I appreciate how portable this Wowsea SUP board is. It’s small enough to fit in the trunk. It does need some effort.

Becky from Florida

I was so pleased with my Wowsea 11ft paddle board that I bought a second one. I needed a paddle board that was simple to travel while yet being of high quality, and that is precisely what I received. When the PSI is above 10, inflating the board takes less than five minutes with only a little more effort. The pump has a PSI reader, which is a convenient feature. I really appreciate the adjustable paddle since it allows me to easily modify the length as I get up or get back down to paddle on my knees. I’m glad I chose the 11′ board since it seems more sturdy and has lasted longer.

Hayley from Venice Beach

I’ll confess that I was hesitant about how stiff an inflatable SUP would be and how it would compare to my non-inflatable. Well, this Wowsea inflatable is the real deal, and it outperforms my non-inflatable. I’m 6′ and 200 pounds, and at 15 psi, there’s just a little more flex than my non-inflatable, but I only feel it while paddling through boat wakes or extremely choppy water. I bought the 11′ Wowsea as a second SUP so I could bring someone who doesn’t own a SUP or when I travel and don’t want to figure out where to put my non-inflatable when staying in a hotel or apartment. I can blow it up.

Wowsea Guarantee

WOWSEA wants you to be completely satisfied. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, return it to us for a full refund, 60 Day Guarantee.


If your WOWSEA product isn’t working properly, please contact the Wowsea customer support staff.

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