WOWSEA Trophy T1 Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard SUP 11ft x 32 inch Paddle Board Review

You might have never heard of WOWSEA SUP before but the WOWSEA Trophy 1 Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard is becoming a firm favourite among many paddleboarders. At 11ft long and 32 inches wide it makes for the perfect sup board for touring distances.

What comes with the WOWSEA Trophy T1 SUP?

The board comes with a pump that has Triple Action & Double Chamber that makes it easier to Inflate and Deflate. The fin uses the Bolt Lock Fin System which makes it easy to remove the centre fin. The backpack to carry the board and accessories is large to carry the paddleboard, accessories  and extra things that you might need to take with you. There is a coiled ankle leash that is included this is a must to use to keep you attached to the board incase you fall off. The sup paddle is made from fibreglass and will float for some time. An added bonus included is a dry bag to keep your bits and pieces dry. A repair kit is included, inside the kit includes repair patches the glue is not included.

About the WOWSEA SUP Trophy T1 Paddleboard

The board is 11ft by 32 inches ideal if you like to paddle distances. At the front of the board there are adjustable bungee straps that provide quick and easy storage of extra belongings such as your dry bag. There are 3 fins on the board, 2 that are fixed and one removable centre fin. When putting the centre fin on make sure it is free from debris such as sand as it is pretty tight. There are no D rings on the rear of the board but there is plenty of room on the front.

The board glides nicely trough the water with no drag the board is really stable and is a pleasure to paddle.

Our recommendations are if you were to buy this board is to buy a better leash and if you like to paddle distances get a nice paddle maybe a carbon or bamboo paddle. An electric paddleboard pump would also be a good option to add to your purchase.


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