WOWSEA Trophy T2 Paddleboard 10ft6 Inflatable SUP Paddle Board Review

WOWSEA Trophy T2 is one of the most durable inflatable SUP on the market, with a new design and style that encourages users to spend more time paddling. The Trophy T2 is ideal for paddlers looking for an inflatable standup paddleboard that is portable and provides outstanding stability for them and their friends. 6″ wide military-grade PVC of double side rails offers for improved stability to keep you steady on the water. The WOWSEA Trophy T2 paddle board features an entrance rocker type hull, which is meant to minimize running resistance and shed water.

Bungee Strapping

A great feature of this SUP is that it has front bungees for holding belongings and a great place to put the 1olitre  waterproof bag that comes free with the board.

The Fins

The central fin is detachable, and there are two side bite fins. The removable 10″ centre fin improves tracking and stability when paddling, and it has a tethered connection pin for easy storage and transfer at any time or place. The side fins are sculpted into the hull for improved water stability and tracking.

The Backpack

The WOWSEA SUP Backpack is a tough SUP backpack that lets you conveniently transport your WOWSEA standup paddleboard anywhere you want to go. With convenient outer pockets and strong zipper webbing, it holds all equipment and one SUP board, and it also functions as a cargo holder in the sup board’s storage compartment.

Double Action Hand Pump

Hand Pump with Dual Action inserts the end of the hose into the inflate ports and pumps up to 15 PSI or more to inflate the stand-up paddle board The gauge dial does not move when the pressure is less than 7 PSI. Single and double action, additional gauge, ergonomic grip, and readily fits.

The Ankle Leash

The Coiled Ankle Leash with Key Pocket is comprised of strong grade materials for durability and toughness. The impact waves may be absorbed by the leash, which can extend 5X its length. The velcro rail-saver end secures the inflatable stand up paddle board’s D-ring and keeps you safe at all times.

The Paddle Board Deck

The EVA Foam Deck Pad are heat sealed to shed water and give ample cushion to decrease foot strain and anti-slip traction.

What’s Included?

  • ‎SUP Board
  • Paddle
  • Hand Pump
  • Ankle Leash
  • Backpack
  • Fins
  • Waterproof Bag
  • Repair Kit

What Are Saying People About the Wowsea Trophy T2 Paddleboard?


WOWSEA Trophy T2 Paddleboard Reviews


Sandra – Miami

The most effective paddleboard I had progressed as a heavy user. I reside in Miami and use it a couple times a week, and I am quite pleased with it. You inflate in 3 minutes and roll out in the same amount of time. The row is divided into three sections for easier storage, mounting, and no movement from the handle. It has a waterproof bag, which is a plus. I am really delighted with this one and strongly recommend it because of the amazing quality for the price. It is light to carry on with a durable large bag (it has enough of room).

John from UK

The Wowsea Trophy T2 board is strong and simple to use. Inflating takes roughly 10 minutes. There’s much less time to deflate. The carrying bag accommodates all of the SUP components, as well as a life jacket and towel. Overall, I would suggest the board.

Sharon from Marina Del Rey

This board is incredible! I was afraid to get an inflatable, but I am very glad I did. It paddles like a solid paddle but is much more portable! I would strongly advise purchasing an electric pump to inflate. I receive a lot of remarks on how adorable this board is! It’s fantastic!! Purchase one! This is also the greatest deal.


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