Things To Do in Santa Marta

A Few Ideas on What to Do in Santa Marta

If you are in Santa Marta and are looking for things to do there are so many options. From Paddle Boarding to rappelling the waterfalls of Minca. One of the most popular tours to do is a sailing tour to Tayrona.

Visit Tayrona Park

Tayrona National Park is one of Colombia’s most well-known and popular destinations.

Tayrona Park is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and rises to a height of around 5,650 meters above sea level, offers a unique experience for those who enjoy the outdoors, the distinctive views and the sunsets. Anyone will be able to observe the immense natural and cultural resources that embellish the place and will find it memorable.

Tayrona Park belongs to the Kankuamo, Kogui, Wiwa and Arhuaco indigenous peoples, who live in the Sierra Nevada region, which is where the park is located. This is one of the first things you should know about the park.

things to do in santa marta

Sailing Trip

If you are visiting Santa Marta, Colombia, you must sail to Tayrona Park. The world’s tallest coastal mountain, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, plunges into the sea like the fingers of a huge hand, creating magnificent bays and coves:

sailing trip

2 Day Coastal Motorcycle Tour to Palomino

On this two-day, one-night vacation, ride a motorbike along Colombia’s northern coast. The journey to Palomino for a day of river tubing fun will begin in Santa Marta. You’ll return to Santa Marta the next day to return your bike. Every meal is included in the trip cost.

Accommodations are available. There is also river tubing. Six persons maximum per group for an intimate experience

motorbike tour palomino

La Ciudad Perdida

The archaeological site of an old city in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is known as Ciudad Perdida, which translates as “Lost City.” This area is also referred to as “Teyuna” and “Buritaca 200.” This city is said to have been founded about the year 800 CE. If this is the case, Ciudad Perdida predates Machu Picchu by around 650 years.

La Ciudad Perdida

River Tubing Buritaca, Palomino or Rio Don Diego 

Tubing is floating down a river in an inflated inner tube, and the clear rivers running down from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains into the sea between Palomino, Buritaca, and Rio Don Diego are ideal for tubing.  A tube costs 25,000 COP (US$8) to rent.

things to do in santa marta

Visit Playa Inca Inca and Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca is one of the most beautiful beaches near to Santa Marta is Playa Blanca. There, you can board a boat (lancha). There are a few eateries there as well as rental cars so you can avoid the heat. The snorkeling is good, and the water is frequently crystal clear. Between El Rodadero and Playa Blanca, there is another beach called Inca Inca, which is accessible via boat. There is a magnificent view of the bay from the top of the hill, which is accessible by bike, motorbike, or trekking as well.

Visit Paso del Mango by Motorbike or Mountain Bike

Visit Paso del Mango, a serene, natural ecological reserve with lovely outdoor spaces. This wonderful location in the Sierra Nevada Natural Park’s mountains is about 40 minutes from Santa Marta. Beautiful natural sceneries and cool rivers and waterfalls can be seen everywhere as you stroll over the Paso Del Mango. A good way to get there is to cycle or take a motorbike

Visit the Gold Museum of Santa Marta

A masterpiece of architecture and a National Monument, the Gold Museum of Santa Marta is home to a vast collection of artifacts. The Custom’s House, a magnificent Colonial building that is well regarded and adored by the people of Santa Marta, is home to the most popular museum in the city and contains this glittering collection of gold. This is a good place to cool off for an hour or so.

gold museum santa marta

Go Trekking and Exploring in Minca

Minca is roughly 40 minutes ride in a taxi from Santa Marta or even quicker on a moto. Minca is set in a  a beautiful rainforest, coffee and cocoa plantations, waterfalls, and a welcoming and varied population, Minca is a little town known for its coffee and tourism that also serves as a haven for local animals. Minca is located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains. Visit this eco-tourist haven by embarking on a challenging trek that takes you from the foot of the mountains to the half peaks and slopes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Along the way, you’ll learn about the region’s thriving biodiversity and history as you put your body through this strenuous trek.

Hot Springs of Córdoba Thermal Spa Santa Marta

The Cienega area of the Hot Springs of Cordoba are about 30 minutes’ drive from Santa Marta and have water that ranges in temperature from 40° to 42° Celsius (104° to 108°F). It’s a rare chance to experience the peculiar thermal waters that emerge from the soil and are thought to have unique qualities that promote general wellbeing and physical and mental relaxation.

When you get off, you only have to walk about 20 minutes until you reach the Ciénaga hot springs along the path indicated there. The ticket to Ciénaga costs 3,500 COP and takes around 30 minutes. The entrance is 15,000 cop and if you would like a massage tat costs extra.

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