WOWSEA Bluesky S1 Inflatable Paddle Board SUP Review

Wowsea Paddleboard Review

What first attracted me to the Wowsea Bluesky S1 was the price, this was the cheapest paddleboard on Amazon at the time. Purchases below $200 USD incur in import tax when being shipped to Colombia so this board was great. The shipping charge was around $100 USD so the total price for the board at the time was around $300 USD. This was perfect as the life of the IRocker paddle boards was coming to an end.

Time for a New Paddleboard

The IRockers I had were nearly 5 or 6 years old so needed replacing. Ordering on Amazon was super easy and the delivery took around 7 days to Colombia and you could track every movement of the delivery with DHL.

The paddleboard comes well packaged inside to boxes. Inside the box contains the board with its carry bag. A three piece paddle is included as well as the manual pump, paddleboard coiled leash, a 3 piece paddle and paddleboard repair kit.


The Paddle

The paddle is pretty basic with a black aluminium shaft with an adjustable handle. The paddle is a nice turquoise blue with the Wowsea logo on it. This paddle will be ok for light use and short leisure paddles. 

The Wowsea Paddleboard Bag

This bag is huge so its great if you want to carry a few extra bits, like a life vest bouncy aid or towels to dry off. Sometimes I carry two boards in one bag so this could also be possible. There are a few extra zip pockets to store some extra bits in pieces.

The Pump

The paddle board sup pump is the normal dual action pump. It comes in a turquoise blue with the WOWSEA lettering on the side. 

The Fin

The fin is a quick release detachable center fin which slides in and secures in a matter of seconds.

The Leash

The leash again comes in a turquoise blue. It is coiled and attaches to the board easily. 

The Repair Kit

The repair kit comes in a screw top orange container. Inside contains a blue and white patch for repairs. There is no glue this is probably due to shipping restrictions. Also included is a spare pressure valve for the manual pump.

The Wowsea Stand Up Paddleboard

The board is 11ft and 32 inches wide. The main colour of the board is white with blue stripes and Blue Wowsea logos. The deck is a light grey. At the front of the board there is a bungee cord to hold your dry bag and other belongings on. The board has 2 handles one in the middle of the board and one at the rear. Underneath the board it has 3 fins 2 side fins and one removable centre fin. I prefer the boards with two small fins as you can remove the center fin when you are in shallow water ie rivers.

How Does it Handle on the Water?

Once pumped upto around 15 psi the board is solid. The board tracks extremely well as it is 11ft. The paddleboard is extremely stable and really easy to manoeuvre. Its great for long distances and extremely comfortable to paddle. It as now become our favourite board having tested it on the rivers and sea in Colombia.

wowsea sup paddleboard

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