Wowsea Paddle Board SUP Paddleboard Review

WOWSEA Paddle Board SUP Review

In this comprehensive review, we delve into the features and performance of the Wowsea Bluesky Inflatable Paddle Board, providing insights into its components, accessories, and overall functionality.

Affordable Yet Feature-Rich

Discover why the Wowsea Bluesky initially caught our attention with its competitive pricing, making it the most cost-effective paddleboard on Amazon during our purchase. We explore the cost breakdown, including considerations for international shipping to Colombia.

The Journey to a New Paddleboard

Necessity for an Upgrade

Follow the journey from the retirement of our 5 to 6-year-old IRocker paddle boards to the decision-making process that led us to choose the Wowsea paddle board. Learn about the simplicity of the ordering process on Amazon and the efficient delivery timeline to Colombia, tracked seamlessly with DHL.

Wowsea Unboxing Experience

Get a firsthand look at the unboxing experience, with insights into the packaging, included accessories, and the initial impressions of the Wowsea SUP.

Wowsea Components and Accessories

The Paddle

Explore the features of the paddle, including its basic design, black aluminum shaft, adjustable handle, and suitability for light use and leisure paddling.

Wowsea Paddleboard Bag

Discover the spacious Wowsea paddleboard bag, evaluating its size and additional zip pockets for carrying extra essentials, making it a versatile accessory for paddleboard enthusiasts.

The Pump

Examine the standard dual-action pump provided with the Wowsea ISUP, with a focus on its design, color, and ease of use in inflating the paddleboard.

The Fin

Learn about the quick-release detachable center fin, its installation process, and the advantages of having a removable center fin for different water conditions.

The Leash

Explore the design and functionality of the coiled leash, its attachment to the board, and the overall security it provides during paddling.

The Repair Kit

Understand the contents of the repair kit, housed in a screw-top orange container, and evaluate its usefulness, including the absence of glue due to shipping restrictions.

Wowsea Stand Up Paddleboard Overview

Board Specifications

Get a detailed overview of the Wowsea Bluesky S1, highlighting its dimensions (11ft length, 32 inches width), color scheme, and distinctive features such as bungee cords and handles.

Underneath the Board

Explore the design beneath the board, including the arrangement of three fins (2 side fins and one removable center fin), offering insights into the board’s versatility in different water environments.

Wowsea Performance on the Water

Inflation and Stability

Learn about the board’s stability and performance on the water once inflated to around 15 psi, emphasizing its solid structure, excellent tracking capabilities, and suitability for long-distance paddling.

Comfort and Manoeuvrability

Discover the comfort and ease of manoeuvring the Wowsea ISUP, making it an ideal choice for both rivers and sea exploration in Colombia.


Summing up our experience, find out why the Wowsea Bluesky S1 has become our favorite paddleboard, excelling in various aspects and proving its worth during extensive testing in diverse water settings.

wowsea paddle board review stand up inflatable SUp

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